Baldino’s Smart Home Starter-kits

Established in the 1980 Baldino’s has been on the forefront of all things electronic that secure you. Starting out on home alarms the demand and reputation transitioned to access control, cameras, and now by harmonizing these solutions together, smart homes. Buying your first smart home automation system is very exciting, but can also be a lot of to take in! That’s why using our 25+ years of experience we’ve put together some starter-kits to help keep things simple and save you money. Let us suggest ways to incorporate home automation into your life like never before. Check out these packages to learn more about the capabilities of your future smart home today.

Safe and Secure

Brining security into the 21st century by coupling a full featured smart home system and monitored security in one platform.

  • Easily know if someone is at your front door or if there is activity in your home.
  • Protect your family and get notifications if a door or window is open.
  • Never miss a moment, review live and recorded footage remotely on you phone.
  • Monitor the status of security from home or away.

Key Components:

  1. Helix alarm panel
  2. Micro door/window sensors
  3. Indoor/outdoor surveillance cameras
  4. Pet immune motion sensor
  5. Glass break sensor
  6. Wireless keypad w/ capacitive touch & LCD 
  7. Smoke Detector

Convenient Access

  • Grant home or gate access to friends and family from anywhere, anytime.
  • Lock/Unlock your home remotely, illuminate your entryway when the door is unlocked.
  • Experience piece of mind knowing that your garage, doors, and windows are closed and locked at night.

Key Components:

  1. Smart locks
  2. Video doorbell wifi kit
  3. Garage door module
  4. Smart light switch
  5. Smart light dimmer

 Smart Energy

  • Save Energy the easy way, have your Clare smart home adjust your connected thermostats automatically.
  • Adjust the thermostat when you go to bed or wake up for a more comfortable home.
  • Set a lighting schedule from your phone and begin to save energy and reduce monthly bills.
  • Detect a flood or water leak right away with the water sensors. No more water damage costs.
  • Set energy saving light schedules based on sunrise and sunset.

Key Components:

  1. Smart thermostat
  2. Master light switch
  3. Plug-in lamp dimmer
  4. Module appliance plug-in
  5. Flood/Leak sensor